Hello Everyone

Due to the continued uncertainty over the Coronavirus, the TFLEx workshop planned for October in Miami, Florida is being postponed. We hope to reschedule it for a later date in 2021. Since the sharing that is done at the workshops is such an important part of TFLEx, we are looking at doing virtual workshop sessions (the ever-popular Zoom calls) over the next several months to keep communications among members going. Each would last 1-1/2 hours and cover a single topic, with time at the end for a “Happy Hour” for members to catch up on what is happening at their properties and share some personal time. The first one will deal with all things Covid-19.

We would really like your feedback and input on how we can make these virtual sessions work for you, so please email Terry Cordell (cordellconsulting@cox.net) with your thoughts and ideas. Thanks, and we hope you are staying safe and healthy.

TFLEx Executive Committee

Foregoing Membership Dues

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on transit. The exchange of information afforded by TFLEx membership is more valuable than ever. We, at TFLEx, want to encourage continued participation, while at the same time recognizing the financial strain, we are all under. With that in mind, the TFLEx leadership has decided to waive next year’s membership dues to all members in good standing.

I look forward to working through this time together.

Joseph Costello and the TFLEx Officers