A Deep Dive into Revenues

Tacoma, Washington – October 20-22, 2019

As we continue our 20th anniversary year, our fall 2019 workshop will be held in Tacoma, Washington, hosted by Pierce Transit.  

On Sunday, October 20, the Business Meeting will be held at the Hotel Murano.  For the workshop itself, the main topic is A Deep Dive Into Revenues.  At the workshop on Monday and Tuesday there will be several sessions on revenues, each with a different focus. Among other things, we will discuss payment trends and technologies, fare collection equipment, interagency agreements, fare enforcement and low-income fare policies.  Staff from Pierce Transit will be showcasing several projects they are working on, including a new mobile ticketing solution, and infrastructure improvements they are doing for electric charging stations.

We will also have our popular Needs and Leads on Monday afternoon and most importantly our Monday night dinner that is usually the highlight of the workshop.  More details on that will be coming soon.

The workshop will run until 2:00 pm on Tuesday, October 22 so please try to book your return flights after 4:00 pm.

More information for members at http://cafe.tflex.org (login required).