The T-FLEx leadership committee thanks you for your interest in the Transit Finance Learning Exchange (T-FLEx).

The mission of T-FLEx is to create and sustain a strategic alliance of transit agencies to continuously improve transit finance leadership, development, and training practices; and to evolve the finance function into a value-added business partner. In addition T-FLEx will enable transit agencies to easily share and exchange best business practices, training materials, instructors, and uniform purchasing specifications.

Many agencies have already joined and we hope you will consider joining or attending a TFLEx conference. T-FLEx membership generally consists of 20-25 agencies. This number of agencies provides us with sufficient size to leverage our collective purchasing power and talents, but is small enough that you can develop close working relationships.

Members are expected to be committed as members of the exchange for at least three years. Although this three-year commitment is not contractually binding, it is expected given the dynamics of the consortium and the prescribed number of organizational memberships. The cost for annual membership is as follows:

  • Authorities of all sizes: $1,200 (revised 8/20/2022)

This fee includes full exchange membership and invitation to all exchange programs, workshops, and conferences. Payment of annual dues is expected within 30 days of annual membership renewal date. This fee structure may be adjusted in future years, based on the recommendation of the T-FLEx Steering Committee. New members will be permitted to join only by majority consent of the Steering Committee.

To make an annual membership payment, you can use credit card, bank transfer, or check. Please contact Sean below for more information.

For questions about membership, contact:

Orange County Transportation Authority
care of Sean Murdock,
550 South Main Street
PO Box 14184
Orange, CA 92963-1584

Sean Murdock
Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis
Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)

A member of the start up committee will contact you to talk with you about membership and answer your questions.


The Transit Finance Learning Exchange Leadership Committee