Transit Finance Learning Exchange Workshop
Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County
Houston, Texas
March 6-8, 2016

Program Content/Learning Objectives

As the nation continues to recover from the great recession, agencies are turning more towards debt to fund programs and projects.  Debt management is more important than ever in ensuring agencies issue the right types and amount of debt.  How do agencies determine how much and what type of debt to issue?  What is the right amount?  Is there a KPI to measure this?  This workshop will have sessions geared to: 1) Determining how agencies decide on the most prudent amount of debt to have outstanding; and 2) working with the board to develop best practices on debt; and, 3) developing key performance indicators related to debt management that might be used in the industry. Additionally, the workshop will have sessions dealing with fare structure studies being done at severl member agencies and transit asset management issues mandated by MAP-21.. After attending this conference, participants will be able to:

  • Identify issues related to debt management, including quantity and types of debt that could/should be issued.           
  • Bring possible KPI’s back to their agency for inclusion in debt management programs.
  • Share information on issues related to the FTA’s transit asset management requirements.
  • Receive updated information on fare structure studies being performed at member agencies..
  • Identify and share best practices through ”Needs & Leads”

Fare Restructuring study – Foothill Transit (720 Kb PDF)
Approximately six months ago, the Foothill Transit Board approved staff to undertake a Fare Restructuring study. We met as a committee, discussed our goals for the study and decided to issue an RFP to hire a professional firm to conduct the study for us. Today, I will talk to you about our current state, the goals of our study and our timeline.
Michelle Caldwell
Director of Finance
Foothill Transit

MAP 21 TAM Requirements and the UTA TAM System (1,690 Kb PDF)
Paul Edwards, P.E.
Senior Program Manager
Utah Transit Authority

Houston’s Economy Powered by Oil (1,334 Kb PDF)
A quick tour of the Houston economy’s many links to oil.
Robert W. Gilmer
Bauer College of Business
University of Houston
March 2016